Clean glasses give your company a good appearance and are without doubt the mirror of your company. Uncleaned glasses cause irritation to your customers and cause cleaning problems for your employees. The new Glass Cleaner is a breakthrough innovation and ensures the right image of your company!

The easy-to-use and very attractively priced Glass Polisher (GP) with a high level of hygiene dries your glassware and polishes it thoroughly with an amazingly consistent result. The Glass Polisher not only gives spectacular streak-free results that save time and effort, but also significantly reduces the number of glasses that break during polishing by hand.

Description Glass Polisher:
The Speedy Glass Polisher is a patented system and is much smaller / more compact than the machines currently available on the market. The dimensions are LxWxH 350mm x 190 mm x 75 mm, height including brushes 340 mm. The GP is therefore easy to place in any bar or restaurant, and weighs net 4 kg, weight including transformer and brushes 6 kg. The machine with eight rotating brushes poles two glasses at the same time. This amounts to 480 - 700 glasses per hour. The system is equipped with a 110-230 Volt power supply to the medical standard by 24 Volt transformer and is therefore guaranteed to be safe. The GC is also cheap in energy use compared to other systems. The hot air is blown up vertically by means of a fan along the middle brushes and has a temperature of max. 60 ° C. The housing is stainless steel. Completely new to the GP are the eight rotating brushes that change each time after switching on. The brushes can be washed with your other used linen / cotton in your washing machine.