Description Glass Cleaner

The newly developed Glass Cleaner (GC) is a safe 24 volts plug-and-play glass cleaning system. The rotating brushes of the GC ensure that the glasses are mechanically cleaned inside and outside, in a similar manner as an electric toothbrush does. Thanks to the very fast (250 rpm) rotating brushes (brief cleaning), no residues of greasy fingers and/or soap remain on the glasses. That impacts the quality of the head on a draught beer and also prevents the glass from giving a funny taste. The rinsing time in the GC system is shorter than the time needed for loading and unloading the baskets of traditional glass rinsing machines.

In short, the  Glass Cleaner is an entirely newly developed product with a plug- and play system with the following properties:

  • It can clean all drinking glasses
  • It cleans the glasses very quickly
  • By starting the GC by means of a sensor or a proximity switch, cleaning will commence
  • Because of the fast rotating brushes, rinsing takes mere seconds
  • Because the glasses do not have to be manually moved down and up, stress complaints on the arms and wrists are prevented
  • The rotating brushes turn in opposite direction to each other, so that there are virtually no reactive forces This existing rotary system is known from the electric toothbrush
  • After stopping the GC, the next time each brush will turn in the other direction The brushes do not wear much, because they keep changing direction
  • Special brushes exist for tall glasses
  • The density of the bristles is at least double the density on manually operated systems
  • The brushes turn at 250 rpm
  • The brushes can be replaced easily, because of the bayonet system
  • In the case of the sensor system, turning stops automatically after approximately eight seconds
  • In the case of the proximity switch, turning stops after touching the head of the system Restarting is done by touching the head again
  • A special soap has been developed that does not foam It distinguishes it from all common soaps
  • The glasses are cleaned perfectly, both on the inside and the outside
  • The outer bristles are 15 mm longer than the bristles of other systems
  • For cleaning, the brushes can be easily removed from the system in an instant
  • A manual is supplied with every GC
  • A soap dispenser is supplied with every GC
  • Optionally, a water saving system can also be supplied. Water will only enter the machine when the GC is on and it will stop running when it is turned off
  • The circuit board controls the water flow and ensures short after-running, thereby saving on water
  • Application of an Oᵌ system ensures that bacteria on the used glasses are killed in the rinsing water
  • Oᵌ does also kill the bacteria of beer slime
  • The Oᵌ system has been developed to be used with the water saving system
  • Power is supplied to the GC system by a converter/transformer with 110/230 volts input and 24 volts output. It is therefore safe to use
  • The system is guaranteed for three years, with the exception of the brushes.