Description Exact Measure Pourer:

The Exact Measure Pourer, Deluxe and Standard, which can be closed, has been specially developed for alcoholic drinks and is available in several dosage sizes. Unique in the Exact Measure Pourer is the closing cap, making sure that insects cannot enter the bottle and that alcohol does not evaporate. Use the bottle at less than ± 45º. Then, put it upright for about two seconds and pour again. It is not possible to manipulate the Exact Measure Pourer. The maximum deviation is +5 % or -5 %. The Exact Measure Pourer is one of a kind. Because of its conical shape, the Exact Measure Pourer fits all common beverage bottles.






The Exact Measure Pourer:

  • Available in two versions, Deluxe and Standard
  • Specially developed for alcoholic drinks
  • Unique closing system with a cap
  • Store horizontally without leaking
  • The conical shape makes it suitable for all common beverage bottles
  • Unique 1-ball system
  • Material: impact-resistant plastic
  • Easy to clean in lukewarm water without soap; then rinse in running water
  • Various dosage sizes, from 0.5 cl to 6.0 cl
  • Also available as free pourer in the standard versions 1 and 3 and in the deluxe versions 2 and 4
  • For orders of more than 2500 Exact Measure Pourers, freely selectable colour and private label are possible
  • Printing for advertising purposes is possible on the Deluxe Exact Measure Pourer